doctor 2 - Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access

Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access


Donald Trump really loves Twitter. So much so that he can’t seem to stay off it. As such, we get an unfiltered insight into his thoughts and actions regarding our healthcare. It seems that the man is obsessed with dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was put in place by his predecessor.

When Mr. Trump was sworn into office, it seemed that he was well on his way to uprooting ACA. The Senate was majorly Republicans so it came as such a surprise that the ACA repeal has failed more than once. The president, along with this staff, had constantly harped on about not only repealing the ACA but replacing it with something that would effectively provide superior coverage at an even lower price. How they hoped to accomplish that while simultaneously promising to spend less public money is a pretty big mystery.

The day after the Senate failed to repeal the ACA, he tweeted which sent chills down everyone’s spines. In 140 characters or less, he pretty much threatened to end cost-sharing reduction subsidies for lower income Americans AND end the employer contribution for Congress members and their staff members.

Does our president have such absolute authority that he can simply cut people off from their bailouts?

Healthcare is not a stick to beat the American populace with. Yet, that is exactly what Trump is doing. A lot of Americans previously did not have access to adequate healthcare. That was something that the ACA helped with. Granted that the ACA has its share of flaws, it still managed to help countless of Americans with their medical emergencies and needs.

What do we, as Americans, do when the person who is supposed to make our lives better is on the path to make everything so much worse? What legal avenues can we realistically pursue? Here are a few suggestions:

Get in touch with your state representative

That’s what they are there for. Try to find who your representative is and let your voice be heard.

pro1 - Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access

Join in peaceful protests

As the political climate is strife with imminent hatred, it is even more important to showcase tolerance and peace. Take for example the Women’s March that occurred January this year. To-date, it is one of the largest single day protests in our history. Not only did it give a good show of numbers, it also sent a pretty clear message to Trump and the rest of the world.

Be discerning about the information you spread

The internet can be a pretty helpful place. It can also be quite treacherous. Facts are friends and you should arm yourself with them. Be careful with any pro or anti-Trump articles floating around in the internet. Take time to verify any information that you read before sharing. There is already significant confusion and strife in the world. It would be prudent not to add to any of it.
Trump is where he is because of the people. They can get him out as well.

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