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The Flowers for Senate platform is for economic, racial and environmental justice and peace.

It is a solutions-oriented campaign because there are solutions to the crises we face and a majority of people support them, but current legislators are not taking meaningful action on them.

Greens don’t take any money from corporations or PACs. We only take donations from people.

We are building political power for progressive change. An alternative political party that challenges the two Big Business parties is essential to challenge the power of money.

The history of social transformation in the US teaches that it requires a social movement and an alternative political party that embraces the values/platform of the movement.



Margaret moved to Baltimore in 1986 to go to medical school at the University of Maryland at Baltimore and then did a residency in Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins. She practiced medicine for 17 years. 

Margaret has three adult children. She lives and works with her partner, Kevin Zeese, in the Belvedere Square area.

Margaret is currently the Co-Director of Popular Resistance, a daily movement news website. She also runs issue campaigns like stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She is the cohost of a weekly radio show based in Washington, DC called Clearing the FOG (Forces of Greed).

Margaret is an adviser to the board of Physicians for a National Health Program, an organization advocating for a single-payer healthcare system. She is on the leadership committee of the Maryland Health Care is a Human Right campaign.



Improved Medicare-for-All

Also called a single payer health system. The US is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee health care for everyone. We spend the most but leave tens of millions out and for tens of millions who have health insurance, they still can’t afford health care. Medicare for all is a health system puts people’s health over profit. 

Hold Wall Street Accountable

Those who were responsible for the financial crash in 2008 have not been held accountable, and they continue reckless behavior. We can use existing law to prosecute white collar crimes. Margaret was the first candidate to endorse the Bank Whistleblowers United’s plan to reign in Wall Street’s fraudulent behavior.

Get Money Out of Politics

Margaret supports the American Anti-Corruption Act and other steps that promote and protect democracy like opening debates, removing barriers to third parties and universal voter registration.

Rapid Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

The climate crisis is here. We must act quickly with a major mobilization, akin to World War II or the Apollo Project, to move to clean sources of renewable energy, build mass transit, make buildings more efficient and sequester carbon through farming practices and wetland restoration. This will create millions of healthy jobs and a healthier environment.

Protect Workers

As we transition to a new economy, we must protect those who lose their jobs with retraining and financial support. We also need to protect the right to organize, promote worker-owned enterprises such as co-ops, demand a living wage and strengthen and improve Social Security so that it meets basic necessities.

Education, Not Mass Incarceration

High stakes testing is being used to close schools and justify building youth detention centers instead of providing for the needs of youth. We need to guarantee universal education from pre-kindergarten through graduation. We also need to erase student debt and provide free public higher education. Every dollar invested in higher education has a $7 return to the economy.

Healthy Food

We need to transition our food system so that there is more organic food and greater access to food in areas that are food deserts. Margaret supports labeling GMOs and transitioning off GMOs unless they can be proven safe in independent studies.

Building Community Wealth

The wealth divide is increasing and is the greatest threat to our wellbeing. A new economy is evolving that keeps and grows wealth in communities rather than extracting it to the already rich. It is called a ‘democratized economy’ and it gives greater control over the economy and benefit to people. Margaret cofounded ItsOurEconomy.org to educate people about the new economy.

Guaranteed Basic Income

Instead of corporate welfare, we need to use our public dollars for investment in infrastructure with a return to the public in the form of a basic income. This would end poverty and the need for poverty programs and free people so they can get an education and take care of their families.

Fair Trade

For the past 5 years, Margaret has been organizing and acting to stop new international agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that would give even greater power to multinational corporations to write our laws and put their profits over protecting our communities and the planet. Margaret supports fair trade that raises wages and working standards.

End the Drug War

Criminalizing the use of drugs has failed. It has destroyed lives and resulted in mass incarceration, especially of African Americans. We must use a public health approach to drug use to rehabilitate those who are suffering from addiction. We need to tax and regulate marijuana for adult and medical use.

End Police Brutality

Policing in the US is becoming increasingly militarized and moving away from serving communities. We need to change that through training in de-escalation, greater involvement by community mediators and mental health professionals, greater transparency and accountability and community control over policing to get abusive officers off the streets.

A Foreign Policy of Cooperation

The US is the largest empire in the history of the world. It is time to face up to that and to shift to a foreign policy that respects the sovereignty of other nations, including Indigenous nations, and the rule of law. We should engage in diplomacy rather than aggression. We also need to lead the world in nuclear disarmament by serving as an example instead of investing more in nuclear weapons.

Cut Wasteful Military Spending

The weapons industry is a major taxpayer funded jobs program in the US that drives more war. Programs like the F35 and the surveillance blimps are funded even though they aren’t needed and don’t work. We can use the funds and skills of our workers for necessities like manufacturing clean transit and clean energy and for research and development in areas that benefit humanity instead.

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