Dr. Margaret Flowers: Remember Transgender People Taken By Violence, Work Toward Respect and Protection for All Transgender People

On International Transgender Day of Remembrance, Dr. Margaret Flowers remembers those who have been killed by anti-transgender violence and calls for federal action to protect transgender individuals in their workplaces and communities. 

Over eighty transgender people have been killed worldwide in 2015, the majority of whom were trans women of color. 

Dr. Flowers: "Federal anti-discrimination protections currently do not extend to gender identity and gender expression. I will co-sponsor and support legislation in the U.S. Senate to ensure that people in the United States cannot be fired or discriminated against on account of their gender identity or expression.


I support universal single-payer health care, which would extend existing Medicare coverage for transgender healthcare (such as routine medically necessary care, hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery) to all people in the United States regardless of age or income.

Most importantly, I will work with lawmakers and advocates to sponsor federal legislation to prevent violence, harassment, and denial of federal services for transgender persons. National surveys show that over 30% of trans people report being denied access to federal services and programs because of their gender identity or expression. We must prioritize the physical safety of all people, and their ability to access federal programs to protect their safety and rights.

I want to thank all the participants in International Transgender Day of Remembrance and International Trans March of Resilience for their activism on behalf of all transgender people."

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