Tell Chris Van Hollen to Debate Two Maryland Moms

Opposing US Senate Candidates Join Together To Criticize Van Hollen

Republican Kathy Szeliga and Green Margaret Flowers publish joint video that calls on Chris Van Hollen to agree to a three-candidate televised debate.

Maryland - The two candidates, Kathy Szeliga and Margaret Flowers, acknowledge they disagree on many issues but they are united in their view that voters need to see all three US Senate candidates on stage together in a televised debate. The two claim that Van Hollen has been dodging a three-candidate televised debate and ask -- why is Chris Van Hollen afraid of two Maryland mothers?

There has been only one televised debate and Dr. Margaret Flowers was excluded from it. When she came to the debate anyway, she was removed by the police. As this was occurring Delegate Kathy Szeliga called on the sponsors to move an unused podium on the stage so that Flowers could join the debate. Rep. Van Hollen remained silent, looked uncomfortable and grinned while Flowers was removed. Van Hollen has said he would debate Flowers but he has refused to agree to any televised debate where she was included.

In the final week of the campaign, Szeliga and Flowers are increasing the pressure on Chris Van Hollen to man up for democracy and agree that all Maryland voters have the right to know who their choices are on the ballot on November 8. They are calling for a statewide televised debate.

"Chris Van Hollen has raised record donations from big industries and lobbyists in this campaign and is behaving as though the senate seat is already his. While I acknowledge that Maryland is heavily weighted towards Democrats, it is also true that more people are seeing through the influence of Big Money on the Democrats and their failure to represent their interests."

Dr. Flowers continued, "People are looking for alternative candidates who aren't corrupted by money and are more progressive. My campaign offers that alternative, and that scares Van Hollen. In a side by side debate, voters would learn that Van Hollen represents what we are fighting against and fails to adequately address the crises we face. Multiple television outlets have offered to host a senate debate, but Chris only agreed to one and stood by as I was removed. This type of behavior has to be called out for what it is."

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