Tell Chris Van Hollen: Debate Margaret!

The primary elections are over and Margaret Flowers won the Green Party nomination with 98% of the vote! Her Certificate of Nomination has been delivered to state authorities and every Marylander will see her name on their ballot this November. 

Will viewers of the Maryland Senate debates see her participate? We need your help to make it happen!

Senate debates are not sponsored by non-partisan, public entities - they are sponsored by TV and radio stations, universities, and non-profit groups. These organizations SHOULD invite every nominated candidate to speak before voters, but many don't. Margaret was barred from participating in many events during the primary election - she was hauled off the stage at one.


We need your signature to help Margaret's voice be heard in the general election debates! Sign the petition here!

Then forward this message to your friends!

We will show the thousands of names we collect to any media sponsors that fail to invite Margaret to participate in upcoming Senate debates. We will also use them to put pressure on Rep. Chris Van Hollen to debate Margaret so that voters can compare their positions on critical issues. In a democracy, all voters deserve to know what their choices are.

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