Supreme Court Nominee Should be on the Side of the People in the Key Conflict of our Era: People Power vs. Corporate Power

Dr. Margaret Flowers calls for a 'people power litmus test' for any forthcoming nomination for the seat on the U.S. Supreme Court vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia.

"We only hear about a nominee's position on abortion or gay rights, which while important do not confront the key issue of our era - corporate control of government. The corporate histories of nominees needs to be front and center - will they shift power to the people or continue building power for big business? In the Senate, my examination of any Supreme Court nominee will focus first on the work they have done in the public interest," said Flowers.

"We need someone on the Supreme Court who will represent the needs and interests of the people, not the plutocracy. That means voting to end the dominant influence of money in elections, reversing Citizen's United and other decisions that treat money as speech and corporations as if they had human rights. Democracy should be dominated by people not by corporations."

Flowers calls for President Obama to appoint a nominee with a strong history of working for the public interest, civil rights or human rights to the Supreme Court. She points out that several potential nominees men;tioned in the media as leading candidates have a history of working for corporate interests.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch served as a director of the New York Federal Reserve Board, where she worked with high-ranking officials with Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and Blackstone. As a U.S. Attorney she did not seek to criminally prosecute bankers even though financial institutions were fined serious fraud.

As an attorney, potential nominee Sri Srivasan has defended ExxonMobil, the mining company Rio Tinto and former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling. There is nothing in his record that shows work to shift power to the people.

"There are scores of lawyers doing great work in the public interest," said Flowers. "It's time to institute a litmus test of serving the people, not corporate power."

Dr. Margaret Flowers is seeking the Green Party's nomination for U.S. Senate. The Maryland Green Party will determine its nominees through a primary process in April.

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