Margaret Flowers: Rejecting Dominion’s Dangerous Facility in Lusby is ‘Common Sense’

On October 25, 2015, four members of Congress formally submitted a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) urging them to reject a pipeline route that would bring flammable gas and a polluting compressor station into residential communities.

They write:

“…common sense would suggest that a pipeline carrying a highly flammable substance and a massive polluting industrial facility should not be placed in any residential community…”

As a person who joined the campaign to stop Dominion Resources from building a highly toxic and dangerous gas refinery, power plant and export terminal in Lusby, Maryland last year, I couldn’t agree more. Together with Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community and climate justice activists up and down the East coast, we created We Are Cove Point, a coalition that is working to recover what Dominion has stolen from the Southern Maryland community: peace of mind, health, a livable environment and their community name, Cove Point.

As a physician, it is clear to me that a corporation like Dominion, which has shown a reckless lack of regard for communities elsewhere, should not be allowed to build this facility in Southern Maryland. Just a few of the reasons include that Dominion had the county commissioners sign a gag agreement so they could not adequately inform their constituents about the facility, lied to the FERC about the surrounding population (leaving 90% out), bought pollution credits which will allow them to emit more than 20 tons of cancer and other disease causing chemicals into the air every year and are placing tanks containing explosive chemicals across the street from homes in an area without an adequate evacuation route. Read more reasons to oppose the facility here.

I applaud the members of Congress from Georgia who are standing with their constituents and I wonder where the Maryland delegation has been. Their silence has allowed this project to move forward despite the clear hazards. Perhaps it is because of the donations that they received from Dominion? I wrote about that in this article earlier this year. The Maryland delegation should write FERC and demand that they reconsider the permit and stop the project from going forward.

As your senator, I will continue to stand with communities who are fighting for their health and safety. I will not take corporate dollars. I will do all within my power to stop Dominion’s dangerous project and to make FERC be accountable for permitting the project based on false information even when it was brought to their attention.

We are all Cove Point. Please visit the website and support our Marylanders.

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