Tell Progressive Neighbors: Let Margaret Speak to Voters

We need your help TODAY!

In early October, Dr. Margaret Flowers was invited to participate in a forum for U.S. Senate candidates being held by Progressive Neighbors, a Montgomery County group established to advocate for "progressive change in the county, state and country." Dr. Flowers happily accepted the invitation to speak. 

Now, we are bring told that this invitation to speak in December is being withdrawn, and Progressive Neighbors plans to host a forum featuring only Democratic candidates for U.S Senate. 

This is the opposite of progressive change.

Progressive Neighbors is meeting TODAY to discuss the upcoming forum. Contact them NOW by e-mail to the following addresses:

And ask these contacts to make sure that Margaret Flowers is included in their upcoming forum. Here is a sample message you can edit to your liking: 

"Dear Progressive Neighbors, 

Dr. Margaret Flowers is representing the thousands of registered Green Party voters in Maryland, who are part of the hundreds of thousand registered Greens nationwide. The Green Party nominee will be appearing on the ballot next November due to the success of the party in collecting over 15,000 verified signatures of registered Maryland voters in support of Green party ballot access.

Dr. Flowers has a long track record in politics as an activist. She was a practicing physician prior to that. She is a credible and important candidate in this race. She will raise important issues and voice opinions that deserve to be aired in an open forum.

Our democracy is under attack from things like the Citizens United decision and the SuperPACs that ensure progressive voices are marginalized or completely silenced. Margaret Flowers does not accept corporate money nor does she have SuperPAC support.

Seeing the headlines every day about Senator Sanders (who is also not from either of the major parties) and his huge success with voters shows that the people want to hear and will support these ideas.

Given the very name, Progressive Neighbors, and the values your organization promotes, it seems that Dr. Flowers’ inclusion in any events you sponsor regarding the 2016 Senate race should not be in question."

Thank you!

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