Dr. Margaret Flowers Will Be in Philadelphia During the Democratic National Convention

Dr. Margaret Flowers will be participating in a number of events this weekend scheduled to provide an alternative presence to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Flowers is the Green Party nominee for U.S. Senate from Maryland. She is also the co-director of Popular Resistance and will attend events both as a leading Green Party candidate and as an independent organizer.

On Saturday, July 23rd, Dr. Flowers will be attending The People's Convention. The People's Convention is a gathering of grassroots activists meeting to create a cohesive strategy for change among Sanders campaign volunteers, independent activists, and others. Dr. Jill Stein - the Green Party's presumptive Presidential nominee - will also be in attendance.

On Sunday, July 24th, Dr. Flowers will be speaking at the Democracy Rising 2.0 conference organized by the Global Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Also on July 24th, Dr. Flowers will be participating in the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. Dr. Flowers will be marching with the Stop the TPP contingent to show her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other destructive international trade agreements.

Dr. Flowers has endorsed and will be participating in the March For Our Lives. The march is sponsored by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and will demand a full employment, and end to hunger and homelessness; money for education; affordable, accessible housing; living wages; and an end to the prison industrial complex.

On Wednesday, July 28th Dr. Flowers will speak at the Socialist Convergence.



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