Our Work Continues

Wednesday, November 9, 2016.


Last night the DC elites were sent a message of rejection.

Most people in the United States are struggling in an economy designed for the wealthy by the elites of both establishment parties.

While Wall Street, Walmart and the war machine have benefited in recent decades, the people are struggling with low wages, outrageous healthcare expenses, a failing infrastructure, rising debt - especially for millennials - and a host of other grievances.

People are exhausted from an expensive military that drains the budget for endless wars.

Last night they voted for change, but the change they voted will not bring the change people need. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will save us. It is up to us to build real political power.

Our campaign was the most successful statewide election in Maryland history winning over 78,000 votes, 3.2%; our first Green mayoral candidate, Joshua Harris won 10% and our top three city council candidates also had strong results. Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis won 13.7%, Ian Schlakman won 12.9% and Richard White won 8.3%. 

While we can point to the money-based corruption of US elections, the bias of the commercial media and the exclusion from debates and forums as excuses, the bottom line is that while we advanced, we have a lot of work to do to build the power we need.

There are many steps we need to take to build the campaign infrastructure that will achieve victory. I was surprised how many people’s minds were changed when I talked to them at the polls. Why? Because many voters had not heard of me and when they learned my history and what I stood for, they decided to vote Green. We need many more people involved in our ground game to be successful.

We need to keep building. I am transforming my campaign site to Margaret Flowers MD in order to continue to build our base and serve the people of Maryland, as a “People’s Senator.” The new URL on Facebook is www.facebook.com/MargaretFlowersMD. That means I will continue to work with you for our benefit. My work to stop the gas export terminal at Cove Point, to fight racially unfair policing, for healthcare for all and for a new economy based on economic democracy rather than big finance capitalism and more will continue. In future messages, I will provide more details on how you can help and be involved with this ongoing effort.

I will not let you down. I’ll continue to be in the struggle with you and to build political power for transformational change. This struggle is not going to be easy. I never had any illusions that it would be, and you shouldn’t either. Power does not cede its grip willingly. We must wrest it through the unforgiving work of educating, organizing and mobilizing more people. 

Today I turn my full attention to stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) from being ratified this fall in Congress. The TPP will benefit transnational corporations at our expense and will prevent laws to protect workers, food safety, access to healthcare, the environment and more. Our campaign to make the TPP politically toxic resulted in both Clinton and Trump opposing it, now we are holding an action camp in Washington, DC this Saturday night and all day Sunday followed by a week of protests to finish off this global corporate coup. Please join us for any or all of these actions to stop the TPP

We all won something very precious in this election. We won a larger community of people who are committed to putting people, planet and peace over profit. Our Green campaigns had something that the Big Money campaigns lacked and that is heart. And I believe that if we persevere, love and justice will prevail.

We have reached a turning point. The people have revolted against the political elites. The movement for economic, racial and environmental justice will continue to build because it will quickly become evident that the Trump regime will not respond to the people. The struggle will continue. We must build on the progress we made to create a people-powered political force that ensures the country serves the needs of people and protects the planet. It is up to us because it won’t happen any other way.

I pledge to continue my efforts and hope you will join me.

Thank you again for your support.


Margaret Flowers



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