Joshua Harris for Mayor: Time to End One-Party Rule In Baltimore

Joshua Harris is a rising star in Baltimore politics and could up-end one-party rule that has existed in Baltimore since the 1940s. Harris is seeking the nomination of the Green Party in a three way race in a primary that begins April 2nd and will be completed on May 1st.

Margaret Flowers said: "The CityPaper did Baltimore a great service by recognizing that Joshua Harris could bring the kind of fresh ideas that are needed in Baltimore. Harris works with the people of Baltimore at the community level and will bring bottom-up ideas to the city. Rather than being stuck within the confines of the thinking of the Democratic Party, which has led the city in a downward spiral for decades, Joshua is translating the views of people at the community level into new policies that will transform the city, so the government no longer serves only wealthy developers but puts the people and communities first."

The Baltimore CityPaper published its power rankings for mayoral candidates in Baltimore and put Joshua Harris on top, describing him as "a smart, provocative reformer who works in the arts but focuses a lot of his attention on big business and pushing developers to truly invest in the community." They gave him the strongest arrow up. The only other candidate of 29 running to get an arrow up was Elizabeth Embry.

In a longer article about Harris they show he understands the roots of the crises Baltimore faces. Harris says "What caused the uprising in April was a juxtaposition of massive amounts of wealth up against massive amounts of poverty." And he points to why this year's election is Baltimore is so important because it "is one that will determine how we move forward as a city...It will determine whether or not our institutions and elected leadership are serious about creating One Baltimore or will it forever be an elusive dream blocked by corporate interest only concerned with profit margins and institutional expansion."

Harris is running for the Green nomination against Emanuel McCray - who works with United Workers on housing, fair development and living wages - and David Marriott, a former police officer and entrepreneur who seeks to reform the police department.

The Green Party does not have a tax-payer funded primary. It begins the process with mail-in ballots on April 2nd and ends it on May 1st with in-person voting. The procedures for how the Green Party votes can be seen on their website.

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