Host A House Party For Margaret!

The people-powered campaign for U.S. Senate wants to meet you and your friends! Dr. Margaret Flowers has a great message of support for racial, economic and environmental justice... and you can help her share it!

It's easy to help all your friends hear about this historic campaign. You can throw a house party in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Complete this form and let us know when you'd like to host your party. Our staff will contact you to confirm availability.

Step 2: Call all your friends, family, and neighbors and tell them they need to come meet Margaret! They are most likely to come on your recommendation, so make sure to emphasize your support for Margaret's message in the invitation - tell them why you are supporting Margaret and why you think they should too.

Step 3: Prepare the party! You can supply food and drink or ask your guests to bring items for a potluck.

The Flowers for Senate team will bring campaign materials - bumper stickers, flyers, sign-in sheets, and donation forms. We'll help sign your guests up for more information about the campaign and take contributions. Margaret and her campaign team will meet your guests and discuss the campaign. 

That's it!

Complete this form and let us know when you'd like to host your party. We will contact you to confirm availability and answer any questions.

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