Help Us Fill Our Toolbox - Contribute Today and Get a Gift!

Dear Friend,

As early supporters of Margaret Flowers for U.S. Senate, you believe in Margaret's vision for her Senate campaign - a people-powered agenda must bloom; we can build a movement to stop to corporate interests from controlling our economy, our health care system, and our communities. A powerful advocate like Margaret Flowers in the U.S. Senate can advance the people's agenda.  

Contribute $10 or more before next week and get a gift in exchange for your contribution. (What is the gift? Keeping reading!)

As single-payer activists, trade justice advocates, Green Party members, and others you know this and are working every day to help create this new reality. 

Now comes the hard part. 

We need every Marylander to hear this message and get a chance to consider it before Election Day in November. 

We know that the Flowers for Senate agenda is a populist one that resonates with the 99% of people who don't have a stake in big-money, special interest politics. We know that a majority of U.S. voters support improved Medicare For All. We know that a majority of workers reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We know that a majority of Marylanders would consider voting for Dr. Margaret Flowers if they know that breaking away from the corporate duopoly is an option.   

We are going to need to put together a diverse toolbox to achieve this task. One of these tools is simple - the bumper sticker. Put it somewhere where hundreds of people will see it every day and it will do silent - but important - outreach work from now until Election Day.  

We need your help to purchase our first order of campaign stickers. Please make a contribution today!

Contribute $10 or more before next week and we'll send you a bumper sticker as a sign of our thanks. 

You know that the movement for economic, racial, and environmental justice is growing. Let's help it bloom. Your contribution will help us reach the hundreds of thousands of Marylanders who are ready to join us in this movement.

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