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I was looking forward to debating Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards - the top Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Maryland - on Monday night but things did not go as expected...

See the videos below!

I knew other candidates would not discuss the issues I would talk about because the Wall Street-controlled Democratic Party would not let them. Issues like:

Stopping the construction of the fracked gas terminal by Dominion in the neighborhood of Cove Point that puts thousands of lives at risk and worsens the climate crisis by driving more fracking in the mid-Atlantic. My opponents have been silent; I’ve made it my cause to stop this terminal.

Transforming trade rigged by corporations to trade that protects people and the planet instead. My opponents have meekly said they oppose the TransPacific Partnership while I have helped to lead a five year campaign that has made the TPP politically toxic.

The need for public banks to stop Wall Street from stealing necessary dollars from our cities and states. Public banks can finance infrastructure projects and provide capital for worker-owned cooperatives and small businesses to help build wealth that is rooted in communities.

Holding Wall Street executives accountable and ending their culture of fraud using existing law. I was the first candidate to endorse the Bank Whistleblowers United plan to do this.

Ending poverty by bringing back a policy that economists from Milton Friedman to John Kenneth Gailbraith supported and politicians from Richard Nixon to George McGovern advocated for – a Guaranteed Basic Income. With poverty rising and robotics, artificial intelligence and globalization destroying jobs, a Basic Income is needed now more than ever. But, it is not on the political agenda.

Advocating for an Apollo Project to transform the country to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy by 2030 – truly confronting the threat of climate change. But, my opponents just advocate for market solutions, counting on Wall Street to face up to climate change.

Transforming policing and drug policies to end violence and mass incarceration.

And, so much more.

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A few days before the debate I was told I was no longer invited because I was a Green.

This was after inviting me twice (the second time after the debate was rescheduled), telling me how it would be great for voters to get to know me. The Baltimore Jewish Council gave a series of phony excuses in order to ban me from the debate.

We had to decide what to do? Should we accept the denial of our democratic participation? Write them a letter that they would ignore? Or, come to the debate and demand to participate?

I decided I could not let them trample on my right to participate in democracy; and could not let voters be denied the opportunity to hear a substantial debate rather than the petty arguments and inadequate solutions from the Democrats.

Here’s raw footage of what happened when I walked onto the stage...

screenshot you can see people want democracy, not managed elections with closed debates.

I am facing a Democratic machine and need your support.

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I am running to win and that means standing up to and exposing the power structure. In addition to that, volunteers are phone banking, holding house parties and handing out our literature. If you can volunteer, sign up on my website.

I will fight for Democracy.

I will fight for and with you.

If we win, it will be a transformational moment in U.S. politics.

Help us make it happen. Be part of bringing the change the country, and world, so desperately need.

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Margaret Flowers

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