Declare Your Independence From The Corporate Duopoly

July Fourth is the day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, which freed the thirteen colonies that made up the United States of America from British Rule. At the time, Britain was the largest empire in the world.

Settlers in the US not only separated themselves from the British government, but also from the British corporations that were exploiting them, dominating trade and extracting their wealth. The colonists demanded the right to create a government that protected their “Safety and Happiness,” which meant creating their own system of governance and restricting corporate power.

There are many parallels between that era and our own. People in the US are subject to a government that works hand in hand with large corporations that exploit our labor, our health and our ability to meet our basic needs. We could write a long list of grievances: low wages, attacks on unions, unaffordable health care, contamination of the environment, failing infrastructure, lack of access to high quality education, mass incarceration, systemic racism, the ongoing genocide of Indigenous people, assaults on our civil liberties, endless wars and more.

The current political system is controlled by two parties, the corporate duopoly, that overwhelmingly represents the interests of their wealthy funders rather than the people. Just as the founders said, there comes a point when one must “dissolve the political bands that connect them with another.” They go on to write that governments gain their legitimacy from the consent of the governed, and that when they become abusive, people have the right to create a new system.


We cannot continue down the road mapped out by the corporate duopoly. It is a road to greater poverty, more wars and climate chaos. We need to create a government that works for all of us. We can start by withdrawing our consent from the corporate duopoly. Fewer people are registered as either Democrat or Republican than there have been since the data started being recorded 75 years ago. More people are independents or members of third parties than ever.

If you have not done so yet, join the growing movement and declare your independence from the corporate duopoly.

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