Dr. Margaret Flowers Urges Action for Trade Justice

Dr. Margaret Flowers will be taking part in actions this week to resist the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP will be signed by US Trade Ambassador Michael Froman for President Obama in New Zealand on Thursday (Wednesday in the United States). This starts a two year time period within which implementing legislation for the TPP must be approved by Congress within 90 legislative days after such legislation is introduced. 

Dr. Flowers and the independent action campaign Flush the TPP! will be demonstrating their opposition to the trade agreement at the White House on Wednesday and at the Baltimore World Trade Center Thursday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Overall, there will be protests in almost 40 cities in the US and more cities in 6 other TPP countries.

Dr. Flowers urges Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin to vote against the trade agreement and urges her supporters to pledge to take action against the TPP. 

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate power grab that threatens the economy, environment, public health and democracy itself," according to the Flush the TPP Action Pledge. "These agreements will put in place laws that give massive, transnational corporations greater power to control the global economy than governments, creating an era of corporate domination of our lives. By acting in solidarity with people across the globe, we are working to build power for trade justice, resist the onset of these agreements, and better understand how to fight against corporate colonialism globally and locally."

Dr. Flowers is seeking the Green Party's nomination for the U.S. Senate seat from Maryland currently held by Barbara Mikulski. 

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